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Lee’s Feed Store has one of the largest selections of animal feed and farm supplies in the Syracuse, NY area.

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If you have questions, feel free to ask! Most of our staff members have 15 to 30 years of experience. You'll appreciate our full-range of useful products to help you complete your jobs around the home or farm. You'll find water softeners, welded wire, and poultry netting. Get all of your farm supplies, including: hay and straw, wood pellets, rock salt, topsoil, and agricultural fertilizer.


Many seasonal items are available to meet your needs as well, such as live poultry, baby chicks, ducks, and geese.

Spruce up your garden for each season with the best available bedding plants, flowers and vegetables, peat moss, and mulch. And to ensure your lawn is green, ask about recommended grass seed, fertilizing, and lawn care products.

Keep your garden and yard beautiful

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