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Lee’s Feed Store has one of the largest selections of animal feed and farm supplies in the Syracuse, NY area.

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Lawn and garden supplies

Help your lawn recover from a long winter

We don't just specialize in animal feed, we also take a lot of pride in helping your lawn look its best. Call us today and get information on our many products that can help your lawn recover from a long winter. There's nothing more prideful than coming home to a healthy green lawn.

During the months of spring, we sell a variety of vegetable and flower garden supplies to be used to create a perfect garden. Inquire about our vegetable seeds, seed potato, and onion sets- which we also sell in bulk - and you will be well on your way. Whether you need to add to your current garden or invest in starter plants, Lee's Feed Store has you covered.


Call us today to see what we have in stock, or stop by and someone will be happy to help you get everything you need to get started.


Build a beautiful garden this year